Dots showing on screen

I have Radeon HD 6850 (by Sapphire) on a Gigabyte P55 ud3r mobo running with windows7 ultimate fully updated
I have dots flickering on my screen when playing games with high graphics (not at all on regular use)
I have checked all connections, update my BIOS from F2 to F8 and took out the card and put it back.. nothing helped so far
I had another card before this one (exactly the same.. burnt out becuz of electricity break) and I didn't have that problem
I've also removed all graphic drivers and used a driver cleaner and then reinstalled the latest Catalyst 12.3
still have the problem :\
I haven't yet checked another monitor but I doubt that's the problem as it only happens on certain level of graphics

if anyone have any idea... I'm also in contact with amd support which most of the above was their orders on what to check and do
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  1. Could you take a screenshot?
  2. yeh I actually got one.. forgot to upload it

  3. That's not flickering, that's some serious artifacts. That most likely means that your card's memory went bad. You should RMA it, or have the warranty fix/replace it.
  4. I agree thats your card going bad send it back if you can.

    Mactronix :)
  5. Reseat the card and clean it from any dust.
    Also monitor GPU temps before you RMA it, this might be a cause of overheating chip.
  6. OP, your card is going bad, as others have stated RMA it. Sorry about your situation :( . I'm sure Sapphire will honor the warranty.
  7. U dont need to do anything ,If still in warranty RMA it. Memory issue, most probably faulty memory , some problems just shows up under load condition. Had similar problem with msi nvidia card. Funny thing , the Msi support people just told me to update my driver, clean it up etc etc. But i RMA it. Got back a repaired card.
  8. Also get ur smps checked
  9. thanks for all the fast answers :)
    I guess RMA is the best solution :\
    at least the whole thing got me to solve my slow boot load time :D
  10. You mentioned a power problem with you last card as well. It's possible that your PSU was damaged and in turn is damaging your card. After you get you new card with RMA, that's going to be the next thing you need to check.
  11. StingStang is rite.
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