Oc'd GPU too much for cheap PSU?

Ok, it's not burning.

I have an Dell laptop M4300. The CPU is a 2.4GHz E6600, and the GPU a crappy GeF 8400 based NVS 135M.

The GPU originally ran at 400MHz clock, 800MHz memory. I overclocked it to 650MHz/1100MHz. It is really stable and the excellent fan keeps the temp from ever hitting 70degreesC.

But I have a problem.

I bought this mobile workstation second hand, fitted on extra RAM and a decent 320Gb HDD. The dealer however gave me some chinese made 90W ac adaptor. It is quite hot during regular use, as hot as the underside of the laptop {so 40 deg C). HOWEVER, when I start drawing power for gaming, loading my GPU to 98% for a long time (1 hour +), it starts to really heat up. Fan maxing out frequently, oc'd GPU, CPU @ 58% (*) all draw a lot of power (**). So here come the questions!

1-My original GPU was rated for 27W at full load, how much does simple clock speed increases (no voltage tweaking) affect power draw?
2-Can I draw too much power from a PSU or is the stated 90W rating a hard limit?
3-What temps can a chinese 90W ac adaptor handle XD ?

*:I use this machine for World of Tanks. It uses 100% of one core. Adding 8% on the other for side processes makes 58% total usage.
**:Any simple, effective software to calculate power draw? Joulemeter requires me to do complicated things like rebooting and running full load using my battery. I don't use a battery. My battery is 2 years old and only holds out for 30mins out of the original 2 hours. It came second hand, and battery bar indicates 85% wear.

Thank you for paying more attention to this thread than my first one...
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  1. Overclocking a laptop CPU and GPU?

    How did you manage to do that?

    Use this to calculate total power consumption at 80-100% load.

    Does the PSU or charger have a company?
  2. I didn't overclock the already sufficient E6600 cpu.
    The GPU was FSB-tweaked using ASUS GPU Tweak.

    Your link isn't there....

    The charger is: KINPOWER 90W AS06
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