Best graphics card for G41M Combo motherboard

Can anyone suggest me the best graphics card for my G41M Combo motherboard
along with dual core processor and 2gb DDR3 RAM.
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  1. since it does have a pci express slot 16x you can put any graphics card there, but your cpu will bottleneck the high end ones, so i think a gt 520 will not bottleneck your system:

    but this is not a gaming video card, you could go with older dx9 video cards also.
    9800/gtx 250
  2. refillable said:

    With this card will I be able to play games like NFS?
  3. yeah probably, NFS is not that demanding. If you want better performance you can get this:

    which should be fine in your system, but make sure everything else like PSU's fine.
  4. NFS old ones,Shift 1/2 will play at very minimum settings and NFS: the run will never work with this:

    if you are thinking in playing games like the run minimum would be a :
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