CPU - MoBo - HDD - PSU - Lowest Cost Possible - Suggest if Possible


Objective : To Build a Simple Low Cost, Highly Efficient - Best System - Quality Is what is expected More Than Looks and Hype.

Things to Consider Before suggesting : System should have longevity... Shouldn't ask anything more like upgrading etc. atleast for another 5 Yrs...

Is USB 3.0 SATA 6GB/S really Essential? (Will do with USB 2.0 ... If it'll Cost less. am not concerned with these speeds, Surely)

What might I use a Computer for ?

Browse Internet, Downloads(Music, Pics, Videos Occasionally Movies) (5.1 HT), Word Processing, Winrar...

Excel, Movie Maker, Movie Editors, Photoshop... Rarely

No Games, Overclocking or Complex Computing...

Processor : Suggest one that would not Hang or Struggle while running multiple Applications.
(My idea - for now - Athlon X2 or X3 or A4 3400 or A6 3600)

RAM : 4GB (Would 2 x 2GB sticks make a difference than a single 4 GB one?) Is 4GB essential or just 2 GB would do ?

KeyBoard & Mouse : Wireless & Wired (Depends on the mood )

MoBo : (I wont use a monitor. I plan to use my TV - CRT with Red
And White Input - RCA Type- Maybe Later - a HDTV )

Please Suggest a Mobo for it. Again Best in Quality & Lowest Cost.

HDD : I Feel I wouldn't use any more than 160GB.

PSU : Please suggest a Power Supply for such Simple System.

By the way, Can I use my pendrive for installing, booting.... WINDOWS 7

Okay I've typed a lot and If u reach here reading all things from beginning - You've Read a Lot. Need to be Concise, I Know.

Thanks for the reading & your valuable time and effort - even if you are not able to Help
That's a Bye...
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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9rJ0

    this wont really last long given todays standards. it will do anything simple you throw at it such as word processing. at this price, i would actually recommend getting a store bought computer. they usually would have more performance at this low price bracket
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