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I am planning on building a gaming rig (to be used with music production aswell) I am having trouble deciding how much power I would need for my pc, I would like to make a dual boot windows and hackintosh, so I would therefore like to have 2x1tb Seagate Baracoda ( sorry about spelling) I would also like to go sli in the future with dual gtx 560 ti's

I5 2500k
Gtx 560 ti
Asus p8 p67 pro
8 gb ram

Oh and I would also like to overclock my i5 to around 4.5ghz.

Thank you for any help, it would be much appreciated
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  1. Why on earth would you need a full tower for 2 HDDs and 2 GPUs?

    I'd recommend: PC Power and Cooling 750W 80 PLUS SILVER Fully Modular PSU 109.99 also has a $20 MIR.
  2. Also use THIS! link to calculate PSU requirements.
  3. Arlen10 said:

    dont overclock without a full tower that is the biggest load of garbage i have ever heard i have never owned a full tower in my life i have overclocked every processor i have had in the last 10 years by any up to 50 % let me see pent d 805 2.66 @ 3.9ghz ,e2160 1.8 @ 3ghz, e5200 2.5 @ 3.8ghz, q9400 2.66@ 3.7ghz and of course 2500k 3.3 @4.5ghz and had plenty of hot gpus and crossfire setups. the i5's arent any hotter than anything else in the past either the 805 was prob the worst for heat. in all that time i have never had my rig overheat or shut down due to heat related issue here in queensland australia where its common for 35c days in summer, aslong as your case is tidy and has sufficient case airflow and you have appropriate cooling and airflow on your cpu and gpu/s you will be fine dont listen to his nonsense!
  4. I was thinking of using the Antec 902 revision3 case as it is quite cheap
  5. Also is modular power worth the extra money, or should I buy a non modular to try to save money?
  6. gpopp said:
    I was thinking of using the Antec 902 revision3 case as it is quite cheap

    nice case, modular is good but u should be able to hide excess cables with your case behind your motherboard tray so if you wanna save some cash thats fine. a 'quality' 650 watt psu should be fine something like a seasonic, corsair, high end antec or the likes, try and get a high efficiency one (80+ bronze as a minimum)because the 20% inefficiency turns to heat so the less efficient the more heat
  7. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
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