Need help upgrading my motherboard cpu combo

I currently have an intel i5 760 running at 3.6ghz on a Asus p7p55-lx motherboard with a coolermaster hyper 212 cpu cooler. It used to run alright with my Asus gtx 580

Now that I am upgrading to a gtx 670 Direct cu II within a day or so, do you think I should upgrade my mobo cpu combo as well to something like an Asus p8z77 V pro and an intel i5 3570K?

I know the i5 760 probably won't bottleneck the gtx 670 but should I still upgrade it just for the sake of it.
i5 3570k sounds like a better match for the gtx 670 as opposed to the i5 760.

I got about $335 from selling my old gtx 580 so I wouldn't mind using that money upgrading unless its a BIG waste.

so if you dan give me any suggestions, it'd be highly appreciated.

I live in Australia and I will shop from or
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  2. I say you should just stick with what you got. the i5 760 isn't all that bad, and maybe I would suggest you getting a i5 3570k if you already had a LGA 1155 board. Your CPU is fine. :)
  3. I'm undecided whether it would be worthwhile.

    Heres the Pros and Cons:

    1. The 3570K does perform noticibly better than the i5-760
    2. An i5-3750K gives you better overclocking options
    3. A newer mobo would give you USB 3.0

    1. The biggest is, Ivy Bridge is set to be the final generation CPU on the LGA1155, next year Intel will be introducing Haswell CPUs on the LGA1150 Socket with no backwards compatibility.

    2. No real feature upgrades that I can tell from your old motherboard other than USB 3.0.. Yes, a new Z77 board will have PCI 3.0, but theres no practical advantage to it.

    3. You already have a fairly decent CPU, and for gaming the CPU doesn't matter quite as much as the video card, will the CPU hold the GTX 670 back? A little bit, but even a cheaper Phenom II could comfortably run a GTX 670.

    I'm sure others might have other pros and cons but thats what I can come up with on the fly.
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