Help choosing graphics cards for surround (5760x1080)

So I was building a rig, its about half done. I was going with a 6950 2gb at the time, and was going to crossfire, but decided since im gonna have it for a while, might as well sell that to a friend and upgrade for eyefinity/surround before i finished building it.. But ive decided to switch to nvidia while i was at it, because of physx, and it just seems to beat AMD a lot in other areas, like high resolutions.

So what im wondering is, what is a good setup for surround, that can play the usual high end games at ultra, like metro, bf3, and crysis?

i have an Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 Mobo

Sandy Bridge i5-2500k

Will be buying 16gb of corsair vengeance

Thermaltake Black Widow 80+ bronze 850W (will also sell, and upgrade if needed with what GPU i decide to get)

(would have chosen better brand, but was in a rush at the time, and couldnt use a credit card.. so had to get this from bestbuy..)

May add water cooling later on.

So i plan on selling my hd 6950 2gb, which has been opened, but not used yet, and upgrading to some type of gtx that can do surround, ultra on high end games with say.. 5760x1080 resolution?

I was thinking 2 gtx 680's in SLI, or one 590, But then I read they're making a 680 version with 4gb cards, which would obviously be better for the surround..but then i heard of "GK110" or.. GTX 780? i not very familiar with any of that.. So should I wait for 4gb 680s.. or wait for GK110, or get one 590, I really dont know, i just want to play 5760x1080 in ultra on the games i listed, id appreciate ANY suggestions on different cards and what not. I can spend up to about $1200 or so. Thanks everyone in advance!
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  1. The GTX 680 is what you'll want to get. Even with 2gb it's still doing better at that res over the 7970. But if you want to play on ultra you'll be needing either 2 in sli or wait a few months to see how the newer cards preform (which leads to a never ending wait and see loop, all tech is surpassed a few months later).

    Have a look here for BF3 results for one GTX 680: this stock GTX 680 is barely surpassed by an overclocked 7970.
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