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my current gpu has the following settings according to EVGA precision: gpu clock 648 mhz, voltage 950, memory clock 1701. but according to EVGA, my settings should be gpu 648, memory clock 3400 mhz, and no voltage is given by EVGA.

could the differences in settings contribute to the gpu causing my computer crashing?

my other question is why would my gpu have different settings than indicated in the EVGA spec sheet -- I have never changed the settings, but only install the gpu as it comes -- I am on the first RMA, getting ready to receive another RMA.

system is
LG W2353VP & ViewSonic VA2431wm
Asus IPIBL-LB (mb -- 775 socket)
8 GB DDR2 memory
E6300 2.8 ghz
750 sata hd 7200
Intel G33
GMA 3100 graphics (disabled with gpu installed)
600 watt, Themaltake psu (not 80 certified), currents of psu are +3.8, 24A +5, 17A +12V1, 32A +12V2, 24A

EVGA minimums for 460 se are 450 watts and 12V min 24A.

I'm just trying to get a better idea of whether or not there are problems I should try and anticipate before I get my new card. thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. The Vram is actual 1700 but effective because of Dual Data Rate 3400! Your TT PSU should be able to handle it but they are not the best quality, especially the ones that are not 80+ certified.
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