Coolermaster V8 running hot?

Hey guys, I just got a coolermaster V8,however my cpu seems to be running hot, well to me anyways. Running an i5 2500k and at idle I'm getting abt 32 deg C.. Under load its peaking at 72 deg C.. Is this normal? I disconnected my other fans to see if it was affecting airflow but it doesn't change it. I also took the V8 off and cleaned and then reapplied a fresh coat of thermal paste but same values. Thanx in advance.
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  1. Are you doing any overclocking? What is the specs are your computer?

    Were there a difference compared to your stock cpu cooler?
  2. Thanx for the reply.. I came right, turned out the 1 bolts spring was stuck and then on the heatsinc it was uneven... So filed it down, new thermal paste and ya.. Now idling at about 27 deg C and under full load 42 deg.. I5 2500K 95w @ 3.3Ghz,gt430.750w raidmax psu,4gigs ddr 3 1333mhz..
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