MAJOR temp discrepancies

I don't know who to trust, but based on the pic I'm posting, I can't trust ANYONE.

What am I supposed to do?

Who is reliable?

MOBO (mfg) or IObit?

Not my first time getting differing numbers.

GPU-Z shows different stuff than Sisoft Sandra shows.

I need RELIABLE info.

image here:
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  1. So, what's wrong?

    Different software uses different sensors.
  2. What sensors do they use? I mean, are there 100's of sensors?

    I have an Asus board, very popular.

    I use Game Booster, very popular.

    How can the numbers be SO COMPLETELY different?

    They are almost completely opposite!
  3. What's different? All I see is the asus software.
  4. Maybe I posted the picture wrong.

    If you see anything BEHIND the Asus AI Suite II, did you notice it's the Game Booster screen?

    Did you notice at the bottom of the Game Booster screen that the temps are mirror images of the Asus screen?
  5. Nope, didn't see.
    What do HW Monitor and Real Temp say?
  6. I posted the relevant information.

    Do you see where my post title talks about major discrepancies?

    How am I supposed to trust 2 completely new pieces of software if I can't trust the 2 old ones?

    That's my point.

    That's all I'm asking.
  7. I don't see anything, because it doesn't show game booster. All it shows is the ASUS software, but HW Monitor tends to be the most accurate software.

    If you want the BEST accuracy use the BIOS.
  8. So in the picture I posted, you can't see a dark grey screen behind the Asus info?

    I guess I really did post it wrong.

    Everyone else can scroll to the bottom and see where the temps are completely different.

    My fault.

    I guess I'll have to repost the picture so different people can scroll to the bottom and see that the Game Booster numbers are completely different than the Asus numbers.

    Thanks for letting me know that nobody can make sense of what I posted.

    I'll await further input
  9. I actually see it, although it's at the bottom and very hard to read.

    Anyway, it looks like one program or the other has the sensors reversed. In this case, it actually looks like AI Suite is the on that's reversed.

    AI Suite shows the motherboard temp at 33C and CPU at 22C (which shouldn't really be possible), and Game Booster shows them to be the exact opposite (22C motherboard temp and 33C CPU temp, which is a lot more believable).

    Try HWMonitor, though,
  10. DJD, I appreciate that you can finally see what I am talking about.

    I have to have some trust in Asus's software, but I also have to have some trust in as popular a program as Game Booster.

    So you see my dilema.

    This is a recent reinstall of XP Pro SP3, so I haven't had a chance to insall everything I need to.

    But my question kinda remains:

    2 trusted programs, 2 different results.

    I would love to trust HWMonitor, but based on my above reasoning, it's kinda hard.
  11. negative0007 said:
    I would love to trust HWMonitor, but based on my above reasoning, it's kinda hard.

    It just gives you something to compare against the other two. See which one it agrees with the most. Whichever one that is, is probably the correct one.
  12. HW monitor tends to be the most accurate.
  13. Also, for HWMonitor, don't only look at CPUTIN. Look at the "Package" temp under the core temps, too.
  14. OK, I got a hold of HWMonitor.

    Now I'm REALLY worried!!!!

    Enclosed please find a picture to see what I mean.

    Can those numbers be correct?

    I played Wolfenstein (2009) for about an hour while I left HWMonitor running, and that's what I found when I ended the game.
  15. Yeah, it's not detecting the right sensors and they're glitched, as well.

    The ones you need to pay attention to are the cores and Package in the CPU temp section and those are just fine (Minimum could be better, but the max is perfect).

    I'd just ignore the Non CPU "Temperature" section altogether because it's obviously not detecting the right CPU temp (and it's glitched, as evidenced by the +100C max temps. If it really got that hot, it would have shut down).
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