What driver should I download? Sapphire Radeon 7950 OC

Goodevening everyone

I just ordered my new graphics card and am wondering what driver to get. Should I just get the AMD Catalist suite or do I need something else? And what do I need to overclock?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. the AMD catalyst will get you the right drivers. you can also use the overdrive in catalyst control center to overclock.

    You can use MSI afterburner if you want to OC beyond what CCC allows.
  2. saphire should have also sent you a cd with its software, Trixx will also allow you to OC your card.
  3. What is Trixx exactly?
  4. By the way thanks esrever.
  5. its OC and monitoring software from sapphire which allows for some more features than ccc.

  6. But I also need the Catalist driver then?
  7. I found out. Thanks esrever for your help.
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