CPU Ghz rating going nuts, is this normal?

Hello fellow forum-ers,

My CPU's clock has been randomly going up and down from 3.4 ghz to .8 ghz (Stable at 3.4 ghz while gaming). I know that this conserves electricity and such, but is it healthy for the computer?

EDIT: It goes up and down while idling. I'm running an AMD 965 Black Edition.
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    is it .8 or 800mhz, during low useage? if so and an amd cpu then cool n quiet is turned on which is a built in utility to save power and can be turned off and is fine for the processor and rest of the computer unless its jumping up and down freq. and really often but if its only moving when needed and stuff its fine.

    To turn off go into the bios and find cool n quiet. also the cpu will run a tiny bit hotter, basically what it runs at when it jumps to 3.4ghz as it will always be at that freq lol
  2. I find when turned off that running at full speed for basic use is nice and u'll notice the differenece.
    If its cool n quiet to test disable it and check ur speeds then.
  3. Wow, thank you for the fast response. My computer is switching frequencies so fast that the fan speed changes every 5-10 seconds. On a side note, it was 800 mhz. I guess I'll look at the BIOS on my next boot up. What do you think could be causing this quick switching of frequencies?

    EDIT: I noticed the change after realizing CoreTemp was picking up abnormal frequencies.
  4. Ok then, I guess I'll just turn off cool and quiet. Seems like a better option anyways :P Thanks for your help!
  5. id have no idea what would be causing to just jump freq, if not cool n quiet, maybe its that program but either ur usage jumps that fast and doesnt know what to go to or some basically after disabling that program im clueless as u lol

    I would try to disable as soon as u can, if it is jumping rapidly not just when its needed then it may or may not be dangerous.
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