New NZXT Phantom.

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  1. Coolermaster replaces its Storm Scout with the Storm Scout II, Now NZXT is replacing their Phantoms. Which company is going to be next.

    On a side note, I wouldn't mind if NZXT made a price drop on the case.

    edit: the original one, of course not the new one.
  2. The Phantom was due for an overhaul. It was great, and still is, but as demands of consumers change and the industry shifts, there's always room for improving. Why would we just let the Phantom, one of our best selling cases (and one of the most modded cases out there), sit stagnant?

    The new Phantom is rebuilt from the ground up, and is a huge evolution in the Phantom line.
  3. Holy cow. I had no idea. I bought three of the original Phantoms when they came out (White for me, black for my brother and later Pink for the GF when it came out).

    I hope they offer the color combinations of the original/410. Will be awesome.
  4. Man, i just got a regular phantom probably 4 months ago.. I would consider getting this new one, but i did a bunch of mods to mine.. if it doesnt blow me out of the water, definately a contender for my next case. The phantom is a sweet case.
  5. OMG!, I planned to buy Phantom 410, then I saw this.. new phantom.. I hope the price ranged around phanom 410 to ori Phantom.. or I'll have to wait and save a little more..
  6. 11 hours! :ange:
  7. Highlight is most likely changable color LED

    Case is the Phantom 820

    comes in black, gunmetal and white

    guessing is everywhere on OCN. note that the side panel window in the pic with the video is NOT the default panel window.

    case is extremely pricey
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