Is this sufficient to play modern games?

Hi! I'm new to pc gaming and would like to know if the following specs are okay to play most games medium-high at 40+ FPS. Thanks!

Dell Inspiron 560
Bought 2011 STOCK
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20GHz (no overclock)
RAM: DDR3 3072 MB
MOBO: Intel Chipset Model G45/G43
HD: 500GB @ 7200rpm
Sound Cards: Realtek High Definition Audio, Intel High Definition Audio HDMI
Monitor: 1600X900

I will be upgrading the power supply and graphics to a 500W and a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1GB. Is it worth it?

P.S Tell me if you need any more specs.
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  1. Once upgraded, probably will be able to play with medium-low settings. That GPU is pretty weak and if you try to go higher, might bottleneck your CPU.

    Not an expert at bottlenecks though so someone else might comment on how accurate my estimation is. :)
  2. Thanks! IMO I thought it be okay med-high but i dont know much on computers
  3. It will not be a bottleneck.
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