Video Card upgrade from nVidia GTX 460

So I built a computer back in 2010. It has 4gb Ram, an i5-750 processor, and an nVidia GTX 460. This is all on a gigabyte p55-usb3 motherboard. Lately my video card has been bugging out and forcing me to hard reset my computer. I was planning to originally just buy the same exact video card, but after doing some browsing I see that it would be slightly silly to get the same one considering that for cheaper I can get at least a gtx 550 ti.

I mainly use my computer (and need a video card) for playing games. I usually am not playing the most graphic intensive games (recently I've only been playing starcraft 2, dota 2, diablo 3) but I would like to be able to play games that come out in a couple years (although it doesn't have to be on the highest settings) that have slightly higher requirements, or even games that are coming out this year, such as Assassin's Creed III or something (no idea if that game is actually a graphics intensive game).

I was wondering what a good stable video card would be? I'm looking to spend maybe about 150-200 dollars on one, I don't want a brand spanking new one that's 400 USD. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I usually buy them off newegg, although I aim mainly for just finding the lowest price I can.
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  1. the 550ti is less than a 460. get something like a 7850 or a 6870. they are cheaper than most nividia solutions and perform better
  2. thanks I'll look into that!
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