10baset OR 100mbps?!

I have 10baset/100mbps network cards in my office computers but never seem to get transfer speeds higher than 10mbps. Is there anything else besides the cables that could be limiting my bandwidth? One computer is set up as the server. The hub is supposed to be 10baset/100 also. Shouldn't I be getting up to 100mbps transfers?

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  1. File transfer speeds are affected by a number of issues.

    What brand of hub are you using? Does it auto-detect or might you have to configure it?

    The NICs can usually be manually configured also.

    The server is the bottleneck. If that is set to 10Mbs then eveerything will only be 10Mbs.

    As a hint - a 10Mbs network will not run at 10mbits. The best you would see off a true 10Mbs connection is around 3.5Mbs-4Mbs. If you see actual 10Mbs (1.25MBytes/second) then you are just running very badly at 100Mbs.

    My guess in this case is you have a NIC running full duplex and a port set at 100 half duplex, or reversed. make sure the port and nic settings on all machines are identical. Note that not all NICs are effective running at 100Mbs full duplex, even if auto detected and may get better throughput at 100 half.

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