tomshardware seti page!

Check it out!

It is pretty basic and we going to add more pics and stats. to make it look nicer.

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  1. Looking good. :)

    If you could get something on the front page like a link from Tech News or better yet, one of the main articles, it would give Tom's team a big membership boost. The team I'm with, in the past 12 days has picked up over 100 new SETI members with a front page article.
  2. Who is your team if I may ask?

  3. You know I'm looking for a new team to join. I was part of the 3dfx team but I think I'll move on.
  4. Hay man nice to have you abord! Get all you friends to join if you can. Man I was in 5th place for 1 day and now I'm 7th, that is a good thing!

    Seti forever!
  5. Scarecrow: Welcome to our team!!! I just saw that your work units helped the team a lot. Thanks for joining!

    Poor Jeff, knocked down to 7 now.

    Hey Scarecrow, are you the founder or webmaster of Maybe you might also want to help us with our SETIpage.
  6. Nope,
    Was just a Sys. Admin.
    Just starting to learn HTML. But if I can convince the #1 man from the 3dfx team we'd be on top.
    Check it out:
  7. That would be sweet if you could.

    Do you know what his e-mail is?

  8. can u add some excel charts like the baitshop?
    like this for example? i would be glad to help, if i could get the date to change from 1/1/1900 to 01/10/01

    <p><img border="0" src="" width="694" height="455"></p>
  9. with more dates along the X-axis of course!
  10. Interesting.
  11. Yep they have a pretty extensive site:
    There even distributing old versions of seti@home. I think that they forgot what they were running seti@home for. It's not just the stats but for the science. Check it out:
  12. i've imporoved my seti charts (and will be adding more). i
    check them at
    If a couple of other people were helping me, we could make OUR OWN page!
  13. i changed it:

    note this is temporary
  14. i hate (it isn't coming up) so here goes again:
  15. Nice page! To bad my stats suck. I lost alot of pc's at work when we configed them for end users. Here at work we are going to get anther big shipment of pc's. I should jump in stats again.

  16. Curt Oien is with Team Anandtech ,as am I :)

    lol ,I just noticed how old this thread is! ,I guess it's fairly dead around here :(

    Team Anandtech 9th in SETI Club Teams <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Assimilator1 on 07/27/01 12:23 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  17. i think we really need the tomshardware page to do a frontpage article to convince people to join the team. The site have more then 10 million readers. If we can get even 1/100 or the users to join. It will surely put us at the top.
  18. I dont know, I process Seti@home every now and then... for THG under darkphire... but its just my computer... I think maybe we should try and get started on a newer project? considering seti@home isnt scheduled to run for much longer. I am currently running UD cancer research..under, for lack of a thg team. I currently have 26 machines signed up for UD, we have just under a year of time. (The collective under ..

    Just a thought, cuz i know we've been losing tons of people to other projects.

    here's a site that lists all the projects out.

  19. "considering seti@home isnt scheduled to run for much longer."

    Seti is going away? Well if that is true please post a link. I have not been keeping up with seti because of everquest but would join a new project if it was true that seit is going away.

  20. I read that on the SETI@HOME website, i forget where maybe i should look it up, but it said that the project was "originally scheduled to run only for a year" then they extended it for another year.

    I don't think UC berkeley had in mind to let them use their T3 forever.

    anyways il go look for it,


    I guess they are extending it past the 2 year lifespan. And planning for "Seti@home II"


    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by darkphire on 08/07/01 07:00 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  22. yeah, but we have been saying that for a long time to no avail.

    Join Tom's SETi Team
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