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Thats what im trying to do, connect me 3 home pcs so i can simultaneously log into the Internet! Is it possible and what modem/router can i choose? I prefer to make the connection via ethernet. Plz guide me any good modem routers for the job?
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  1. How is your present connection plugged into your PC? If you have a USB modem then Windows' internet connection sharing would be the cheapest way, but then the main PC would have to be on and connected for the others to work.

    Far better and more reliable is to get a hardware router box. You using ADSL or cable? If ADSL then you'll want a combined ADSL Modem/Router. If you have a cable modem then you just want a router that you can plug into your cable modem I think, although all my personal experience is with ADSL.

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  2. I havent got it yet but im planning to get ADSL line so i guess i need an ADSLmodem/router. In that case what shall i prefer to have ethernet ports or usb?
    Any test made on sutch modem/routers i can check out?
    Also...what brands shall i choose?
  3. All computers have a network card in them? What are the distances between the computers?

    The best way to do it would buy a router, say a Linksys 4 port Router, standard in almost any store that has a computer section.

    ADSL line plugs into the Router, then cable runs to each computer. You're done.

    The biggest part would be routing the cables to the computers.
  4. Oh yeah the distance, well the computers are on different floors, and no i dont want to get a wireless roouter.
    When u ray router u mean adsl modem/router right?
  5. ADSL will give you a modem in most cases, not too often they'll give you the router. You need to purchase the Router, I'd recommend a Linksys 4port router just to keep it simple.

    You'll need to pick up Cat5 ethernet cables, which might be a little costly depending on the distance you need.
  6. Why not wireless?

    But anyway, almost any ADSL Modem/Router would do you, as said. How much are you willing to spend on one? You could get one with wireless connectivity anyway, but turn the wireless LAN stuff off until you need/want it - future proofing...

    Anyway, a quick browse of newegg reveals a couple of suggestions (I'm from the UK, but most US folks around these forums seem to shop there)
    <A HREF="" target="_new">D-Link 504T</A> (But this has 1 negative customer review)
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Diamond DSL64WLG</A> (Has wireless, but they generally do these days)

    The important thing about those is they have an RJ-11 connection for the phone line. If your company supply a simple modem/router with your DSL line which gives a single standard RJ45 network connector, then you might be able to just get a network hub, but here in the UK most home ADSL packages come with a USB ADSL modem.

    I haven't used any of those boxes I listed personally. My Experiences are with a crappy single-port Actiontec router/modem (cheap and crap), the Netgear 834G (quite good, quite inexpensive, has wireless and a decent firewall), the Draytek Vigor 2600 (more expensive, but excellent - probably not what you'd want though), and some 3Com wireless router whose model number I've forgotten ('borrowed' it from work to replace my Actiontec POS at home :smile: ).

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