BSOD hardware? Linux no issue.

I have been having repeated BSOD on my system with Windows 7 installed even after reinstalling it and driver updates. However when I went and installed Ubuntu 9.10 instead it works flawlessly.

I would like to revert back to Windows but I am afraid of the pesky BSOD that plagued my system for so long. My question is this: Is it safe to say that the BSOD have not been caused by hardware failure on Windows 7 if Ubuntu 9.10 has no issues at all? Is that a logical way to look at it or am I missing something? Its just that with Windows I never really knew what caused the constant BSOD and the fact that my computer worked fine under Ubuntu would seem like the hardware is fine but it was the drivers issue all along with W7.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank You.
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  1. What hardware are you using?

    I had this exact same problem on my grandmothers very old dell.... Windows XP=BSOD and Ubuntu 8.04=ran great.

    Turned out to be PSU actually. Something with windows is just more sensitive to voltage fluxuations.
  2. Power management is far more elaborated in Windows than in Linux. So, if there is something wrong with your system, BSOD can happen when Windows try to adjust power.

    Cutting power and resuming it on the fly can be stressful for unstable PSU as load constantly change.

    With Linux's poorer power management, less stress is put on the hardware.
  3. My PSU is corsair 750Watt that i bought about a year ago. If that is what was really wrong its upsetting because there was a reason I paid so much extra for a quality PSU. I have my PC connected to the surge protector, do you think that that might have an effect on the PSU thus causing BSOD? What do you suggest I start doing first?
  4. RAM timing too.. timing too tight can cause problems too.
  5. Wait for W8.
    It won't have all the problems of previous windows, trust me.

    You can try a zero fill on the HDD and a fresh install of 7.

    It could be h/ware tho. The only way to really test that is isolate every component on a test system.
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