ga-7dxr + 3filled ram slots = bad


I have a Gigabyte GA-7DXR Motherboard with 3 RAM slots filled with PC2400 Unbuffered RAM. This doesn't work and my computer runs very unstable and crashes all over the place. When I take one of the 3 ram chips out everything wroks fine.

I kind of heard that I can only have 2 chips of unbuffered ram or 3 chips of registered ECC ram. I don't want that thought because the ECC ram is so much slower so I've heard.

Does this ound right to anyone? I hate to return my 3rd ram chip but it looks like it is the only way. I just want to make sure first however.

768 PC2400 RAM

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  1. You shouldn't need 768meg of DDR. Just take one back, I say.

    But as for your acual problem, do you know whether your sticks are buffered or unbuffered.

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  2. The ram is UNbuffered and I also just confirmed that the board only takes 2 sticks of unbuffered ram or 3 sticks of registered ecc ram.

    Now the question is which kind of ram is best (fastest, stable, powerful, overclockable etc.)

    I do alot of video and graphic editing but also love to play games and have a fast system. Which would you choose?

  3. Gotta be Crucial CAS 2.

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  4. Just an opinion, but isn't more memory better than faster memory for video editing? If you need the memory go with the 3 sticks of registered RAM. (I'm assumming you're using Win2K because 9X/ME has problems over 512mb).
  5. Dear Eric,

    I have also had similar problems with the following setup:
    GA-7DXR MB
    AMD Athlon 1.33GHZ @266FSB
    768MB Crucial Unbuffered PC2100 RAM (3x 256MB @2.5 CAS)
    Radeon VE (crap with Win2k)
    2x 30GB IBM Deskstar 75GXP (Raid0)

    I found that it worked fine when only DDR slots 1 & 3 where populated. As soon as I populated slot 2, the system was totally unstable and unusable. I did swap over the DIMMs so I know it is not a bad DIMM.

    You mention:
    "The ram is UNbuffered and I also just confirmed that the board only takes 2 sticks of unbuffered ram or 3 sticks of registered ecc ram."

    Where did you get this confirmed from? The manual clearly states that all three slots can be populated with unbuffered RAM. I have emailed Gigabyte support over 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything from them!

    On the advice from the tech support of the mail order company, I returned the MB as defective and am currently awaiting a replacement. According to them some MBs do have problems with the DDR slot 2.

    I will use this PC for digital audio work and therefore have to use unbuffered RAM instead of registered RAM, as the 1 cycle delay at the start of the read (with registered) does affect the performance of the audio software. It might be different for video editting.

    In the worst case, when the new MB arrives I will only use 2x 256MB RAM.

    Anyone else out there using the GA-7DXR? Any other issues?


  6. Guys,

    Following on my earlier post...

    I have received my replacement GA-7DXR motherboard and it has exactly the same problem when all 3 DDR slots are populated with Crucial 256MB PC2100 unbuffered CL2.5 RAM. What I had suggested about DDR slot 2 being the problem is in fact wrong. I am running using DDR slots 1 & 2 without any problems.

    Inspite of the Gigabyte manual claiming it can support 3x 256MB unbuffered DIMM, Eric's and my own experiences show this is not the case!

    I have therefore sent the 3rd DIMM back to the supplier. I will have to get by on 512MB RAM - I do a lot of SQL Server database work and it would have been nice to have the 768MB capacity.

    I wonder why it is that all other Athlon DDR motherboards only support 2x DIMMs? Does Gigabyte know something different? Their tech support still have not responded to my email of weeks ago.

  7. Hello,

    Gigabyte never responded to my question about this either and I also returned one chip to the manufacturer. I learned elsewhere that indeed the board can either take 2 unbuffered OR 3 registered chips. For whatever reason this is the way it is. I really wanted the pc2400 unbuffered ram so I'm stuck at 512 for now (which is still plenty I think).

    In time hopefully the 512 chips will come down in price and I can upgrade :)

  8. You can just give me one of those sticks of RAM.

    The best RAM is a matter of personal preference.

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  9. I was considering buying this board but seeing your problems, I will propably not. Am I wrong?
    Secondly, on Gigabyte website, it clearly says no more than 2 GB unbuffered or 3 GB of RAM. I assume then that if you use unbuffered memory, you will only be able to use 2 slots with a maximum of 1 GB each. Sorry guys, no third slot!

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  10. yeh i looked at this board to but i found that out i wish they could just come out and say that it only takes two unbuffered

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  11. The RAM thing was a little problem but since that I have been very happy with the board and have heard generally good things from others as well. There are always little things that cause problems and if the manual was a little bit more descriptive that would have helped alot.

    This was my first computer build and I could have used more instruction in the MB manual. HINT HINT MB makers!

    **I'm not 100% sure but I think it might be a DDR limitation. If someone has a MB with 3 unbuffered DDR ram sticks let us know.


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  12. This is not a problem with Gigabyte, but is an issue with all DDR boards. You will probable notice that their are no, or very few, DDR boards that will support more than 2 slots for DDR. This is becuse the AMD chipset can only except a certain cycle time (I think) and unregistered DDR RAM in more than two DIMMS goes beyond that limit.
    Here is a post from another forum:

    Re: AMD760 + 4DDR ... Where?! [re: skwerly]

    Just use the biggest sticks you can find. Steve Benoit of Stable Technologies explained the reasons for two slots in much more detail. Concerning unregistered DDR DIMMS "the specifications for unbuffered RAM are 3 clock cycles per DIMM. This being the case, having 4-DIMM slots would require the AMD761 chipset to support 12 clock Cycles.... As this is like, well impossible." He went on to say "Registered DIMMs only use 1 clock cycle, therefore, using 4-Registered DIMMs would only require 4 clock cycles, which is what both motherboards were actually designed for in the first place."
    So the use of unregistered DDR DIMMS precludes the use of 4 banks. They originally intended to release boards that would support unregistered in only two banks or registered in all 4 banks, but I think they opted for a wise choice in simply cuting back to two sockets, as most poeple would not understand what was going on and instead assume a defect which is not really present.

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  13. no, it's not with all DDR boards: it's with all boards with AMD chipsets. It's a big difference. My board with KT266 has 3 slots which is great 'cause I now have 2x256 which was the biggest stick like a month ago and I still have space for upgrade! Well, for sure it will be in a while because with 512 MB, Windows tells me that I always have about 300 MB free!!! Moreover, actual versions of Win 9x don't support more than 512 MB...

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  14. Your problem lies in the DDR chipset on your motherboard. You are correct in your follow-up posts by saying that you can only use 2 sticks of Unbuffered RAM, but you can use all three sticks if you use ECC RAM. I think this limitation is constant in all DDR Chipsets, but I could be wrong about that.
  15. Video Problem - Strange Dots on Bitmaps and other images.

    M/B Vendor : GIGABYTE -
    M/B Model Name : 7DXR
    M/B Version : 1.0
    BIOS : F6
    OS : Win 98SE - Windows 2000
    VGA Vendor : OTHER - Hercules
    VGA Model : 3D Prophet II Ultra
    VGA RAM : 64
    VGA BIOS :
    VGA Driver : 12.41
    CPU Vendor : AMD -
    CPU Type : A - 462
    CPU Speed : 1400
    The CPU FSB's setting : 133MHz
    The CPU Multiplier's setting : 10.5
    The CPU Voltage's setting : 1.75
    System RAM C/L 2.5 2x Samsung or 2x Hyundai 256mb DIMM PC2100 DDR
    Storage: 2 x IBM Deskstar 40GHz
    Peripherals: SBLive! Platinum 5.1 & Intel 82559 Pro 100+ NIC
    Sony DVDROM & Ricoh 20x WMRM Drive
    HSF: Kanie Hedgehog with Delta 7200 RPM Fan
    Case fans: 5x Delta 83cfm
    Power Supply: ATX 2.3 compliant 400W power supply AMD approved Powermax<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Matthews on 08/14/01 03:07 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  16. ga-7dxr=Bad by itself. I also use a 7dxr biggest pile of schit I ever bought. If I enable fast writes on my 3D Prophet 2 Ultra or my Radeon the system shits itself (dirextx 7, 8.0a, or 8.1 beta apps crash to desktop without error code) with all the latest drivers, BIOS updates, patches and what have you. I get wierd colored dots all over images (bitmaps, jpegs, whatever) with both video cards. I've tried Samsung RAM and Hyundai 2.5 cas at normal clock no tweakage of any kind. Even if I use 1x, 2x, or 4x I get those goddamned dots
    I've tried pluggin one DIMM in any of the 3 slots and removed all my peripherals. I have two IBM Deathstar 40 giggers I've tried replacing the CPU, the Motherboard, and the video cards I've tried the normal IDE Bus mastering slot and the Ultra ATA promise controller and I've reinstalled the OS and software on numerous occasions, and tried a different monitor. I never have this problem with the 1.4GHz AMD on my EPOX KT266 board, nor do I have this problem with my I815EP Piii 1GHz. I'm so friggin fed up I want to take a huge Taco Bell schit on my 7DXR and then run it over with a fukking Monster Truck. 7DXR=ASS PIMPLE!!!

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  17. Ok check this out and do some reshearch people....

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> GA 7DXR</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> crucial faq for Ga 7DXR</A>

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