Changing CPU no display but gets hot

So i have
Intel dual core pentium e5300
Sapphire 5830
4GB of ddr2 800mhz ram
Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L
620W psu
and noctua CPU cooler

and i just put in an Intel Quad core Q6600 and booted it and everything ran properly but with no display. When i put my old e5300 back in the Q6600 was quite hot showing that it works right?

i have it up and running now again with the e5300. Does this mean the Q6600 is faulty ?
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  1. someone :( ?
  2. maybe ur cpu is broken
  3. What version of BIOS are you running? Also you might have to clear the CMOS to get the different processor to work.
  4. The CPU isn't working with that motherboard. There are two outcomes

    1) The CPU is not compatible with the motherboard so it won't work. If that is the case there is nothing you can do

    2) The CPU is compatible but you will need to flash the BIOS to get it to work.

    You need to check the motherboard manufactures website and see if that CPU is supported if it is then you need to check if you need a BIOS flash to make it work.
  5. The Q6600 was compatible with the first release BIOS, while the E5300 is only compatible with BIOS F6 (the newest)

    So, at least compatibility isn't an issue because the BIOS is way newer than what the Q6600 needs, if the E5300 works.

    I don't want to say for sure that the Q6600 is faulty, but it sure looks that way.
  6. yeah bios shouldn't be the problem as i have updated the bios withthe e5300 in it. maybe the cpu just is faulty.. although it was hot when i put the e5300 back in.
  7. I think it is the CPU but you were saying it's very hot are you sure the heatsink is on right and that it is rated to dissipate the TDP heat of your CPU.
  8. Was this Q6600 an ebay item?
  9. i tried to put the heatskin in twice.. i'll try again. and yes it was an ebay item
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    In that case I think you got screwed by someone on ebay. You probably got a dead CPU. I would return it if you can; if not there isn't much you can do. If you know someone with the same motherboard you can try the CPU in that motherboard just to be 100% certain it's the CPU and not the motherboard.
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