Adding a firewire card: PCI or PCI-E?

Wondering if a firewire 400 card could benefit by a PCI-E connection or is that just for people that don't have a PCI slot? PCI-E cards seem to be a lot more expensive.
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  1. The PCIe bus is faster than the standard PCI, and the cost of an adapter card ranges from 10$(PCI) to 20$+(PCIe). If the extra 5-10$ is going to ill your budget get the PCI, otherwise PCIe is the way to go...
  2. The standard PCI slot has ~100MB/s usable bandwidth shared between all devices on the bus, which is about twice as much as FW400 so there should be no problems unless you have other high-bandwidth devices on the PCI bus.
  3. no benefit, PCI card ( firewire) should at PCI , because the card works only transfer data from DV to PC by the way of manual (record)
  4. Sounds like PCI-E FW cards are for people that don't have PCI slots in their newer motherboards. Good news.
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