Need help buying fan for new PSU

I have purchased Silent Pro Gold 800W and it says it has these connectors

I think my current Dell XS 9100 has 3 pin connectors. Should I buy

Noctua NF-B9 Fan
Noctua NF-B9 PWM

Thanks in advance
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  1. Why do you need a new fan for your power supply?
  2. Replacing the fan on your PSU will void the warranty.
  3. I just realized the fan plugs into the motherboard. Do you know Erich one i would buy for the rear exhaust fan? Thanks for the replies
  4. Need to know what case you are using so we can tell you what size to buy.
  5. I know its a 92mm for my Dell studio xps 9100. do you know which one of the fans i posted above i should buy?
  6. If your board has a 3-pin connection as you mentioned, then get the non-PWM version.
  7. Lol I jut had to respond to this and how much I have learned in 3 months. I'm still trying to get rid of the dell and here is my build I just finished.

    I just hooked up the Komodo GPU block and the extra 200mm radiator. My cooling system is

    Reservoir > 1500 L/h Pump > 240mm Radiator > CPU > RAM> 200mm Radiator > 7970 > back to reservoir.

    After upgrading the pump, 200mm rad, and adding the GPU my CPU tems have fallen alot. CPU used to idle around 50C now its 39C-42C. MY 7970 with stock cooler would also idle around 50C, now it idles around 29C. I also decided to get rid of that Ekoolant crap and go with distilled water with a kill coil.

  8. That's a very pretty build, grats!
  9. Looking good, but tubes look very jumbled. :S
  10. I like mine like that.
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