Newly Built PC, No Video Displayed on Monitor?


I’ve just built a new computer, and hooked it up my monitor to find that nothing is displayed. When I press the power button, everything seems to be working fine (fans spin, cpu cooler works, hard drive spins, ect), but nothing is shown on the display. I’ve tried resetting CMOS and putting the gpu into a different pcie slot, but it still doesn’t show video?


Intel Core i7 3820
Gigabyte X79-UD5
16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
OCZ Agility 3 90GB
Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5TB
OCZ Z Series 1250W
and fan controller and blu ray drive and various other things

Note: There is no operating system installed

Any help is much appreciated.

(Sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong section)
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  1. Try it with 1 stick of memory installed. Are both 6 pin power cables connected?
  2. take out the video card and see if there is display.
  3. I can’t, the i7 3820 doesn’t have integrated graphics
  4. I’ve already tried with one stick of ram, doesn’t help.

    Thanks for your responses so far
  5. Are both 6 pin power cables connected?
  6. oh I didn't notice it was the 3820.

    is there a beep when you try to boot?
  7. Yes, the 6 pin cables are connected. I don’t know about the beep, my case didn’t come with a case speaker :fou:
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