Is this Pc compatible enough?

motherboard: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Z68/Virtu/ISRT/atx

power supply: Corsair TX 850w 80+

memory: G.Skill RipJaws 8gb 1600 (12800CL9D) 2x4

video card: Asus 6970 DCII 2gb ddr5 256bit

processor: Intel Core i7-2600K

storage: 120gb Intel Sata3 SSD + 500gb WDigital Blue

optical drive: Asus 24x CD/DVD Burner

case: ANTEC Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower
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    It's not a bad looking build , however there are a few things that I would change. Also if you could give a little more info on things like what your budget is and what your plans are for the computer.Is it for gaming or something else?

    Starting with the motherboard , the one you have chosen only has one slot for a video card and if you were to want to go with two then the second card would be in a x4 slot. Now you may not want to do that and if that's the case then there would be nothing wrong with going with that motherboard. If you did at some point later on want to go with two cards then you could get this MB; $121.99

    The power supply is over what you need and you can get a smaller one to run what you have unless you are planning to go with two video cards then you would need the 850w. If not then a 650w would do. $99.99

    The video card is next and this card is a three slot card and takes up a lot of room. I put a link at the top of this post to show you where cards fall in order of best to last and the 6970 while being a good card is not the best that yopu can get for the money that it costs. For the same prics as the 6970 you can get a GTX 670 and have a lot more gaming performance. $399.99

    The other choices that you made are ok and whether or not you want to change anything you could still let us know some more info on what your intentions are and what your looking to spend for a budget.

    You can also go with an Ivy Bridge cpu and z77 chipset motherboard , but that is up to you and the Sandy Bridge cpu's are still good and will give good performance. $319.99 $134.99
  2. i don`t really have a budget but i`m not also the hard core gamer type i just want something a little bit more than mid-range but not as expensive as the really really high ends one and still has the ability to get me excited when i play games....

    unfortunately some of those parts are not in my country... i`m from the philippines..

    so if you could kindly check this website and see for me what are the best for my taste... it would really be much appreciated...

    and if you could please focus on the processor motherboard and graphic card... especially the graphic card i really want a nice one...
  3. oh and yeah it`s a gaming pc

    These three parts go well together and the video card is a good one , but so are the other parts. This combination will not only work extremely well with games but also for anything else you want to do with the computer. (X2) You may need to get two of these because there is not a good selection of ram and the G-Skill was low voltage and may not work with the motherboard.
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  6. thank you very much! you really helped alot =)
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