PCIe slots don't line up?!?!

i just built my pc. i used the haf 912 case and a micro atx mobo. For some reason my pci slot where my video card would go doesnt line up with the slot in the case. All my standoffs are mounted perfect and my i/o shield is fitted perfect. is it supposed to be this way and will my card still fit in the case?

someone on youtube told me it's normal but just making sure
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  1. pic?

    heres my video, skip to 2:48 to see
  3. having the slots not like up perfectly is pretty common, the case and cards (motherboard included) are all built to have some flexibility in them. If it's only off by a few millimeters just give the back of the case a push inward or outward and see if it will fit

    EDIT: that looks like it should line up, just play with it a bit
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    Looks like it would fit perfectly... The PCI slot on the mobo is supposed to be on the top of the back i/o slot. I promise 100% that you can fit a reasonably sized graphics card in there. Might be too short for some of the really high end cards; I can't tell. I can tell you, however, that you will have no problem whatsoever with the alignment.

    FYI you can get a 6450 for like $30 after rebate on Newegg, in case you're interested...
    $23 shipped after rebate
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  6. Thanks a lot :)

    I need a good gpu for games such as minecraft, lfd2, runescape but that are affordable
  7. BTW, here's a great reference for every budget,3107.html

    although a 6450 would probably pwn all 3 of those games. They're really not very demanding.
  8. Ok thanks a lot. i'll look into it. i was getting scared haha cause my hd 2000 graphics are kinda wimpy
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