Someone stealing my internet?

Hey I want to find out if this person is using up my internet, my internet bandwith was like 80 percent over its limit last month and there was no way that i had used that much, I strongly suspect it's my neighbour using it via WI-FI because when I opened up My Computer on Windows 7 I saw that on my network someones PC was connected to my network. Does this mean he is connecting through my PC to access the internet?

If so I need to block WI-FI access or any other wireless access to my router because it's just ridiculos. The router is not mine it's my dad's but I seem to get the blame whenever the bandwidth is exceeded, I use a bandwidth usage meter to keep track of how much I use and it's like 15gb a month out of our max which is 40gb per month.

Please help me, I need to block wireless internet access from these leachers I know someone is using it because I can see our access point on my phone which has wi-fi.


"EDIT" Gah I just saw the main sticky thread after I posted this thread.
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    In addition to the information in the Sticky, it might be enough just to change the SSID or network name and also to hide it. If your father uses wireless, he will have to be told so he can reconnect but he should welcome to chance to proove your innocence. While you're there, strengthen the security key to the highest level. So long as your neighbour is only a casual thief and not a high level hacker, those steps should be enough.

    Bandwidth theft is a criminal offence in most countries and is usually carried out by people who don't have the guts to steal things openly - from a shop, for instance.

  2. Hi saga, thanks so much for the reply. Luckily my dad doesn't use wireless just ethernet cable like me so I might try to disable WI-FI altogether.

    Appreciate the help. :D
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  4. That's the safest bet - they can't hack what isn't there. :D

    You're welcome and thanks for the BA.

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