Couple Questions about some Tweaks?

Does Turning off Page file on systems with 8GB Ram or More, noticeably speed up a PC?

I've read that Turning off the Temp internet files in A Browser will speed up a browser, is that True?

What Programs would be a Good idea to install to Ram Disk?

In Regard to #3 Would a MMO be Much Faster on a SSD or Ram Disk?
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  1. Don't turn off your paging file, some programs need it. You can make it smaller to free up disk space. This will not speed up your computer.

    Don't worry about trying to speed up your browser. Any "tweaks" will probably be more trouble then they are worth.

    You can't install programs to a RAMdisk because all the information is lost when you turn off your computer. A RAMdisk to make accessing certain files faster. Stick with an SSD.

    Your MMO will not be much faster on either an SSD or RAMdisk. It will only help with loading times. Any in game increases will be marginal.
  2. What files/applications should i have access RamDisk?
  3. They will access themselves.
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