Cpu Heatsink Fan to Fit Case

I need to find a Cpu Heatsink @ Fan to fit my Computer case. I have an Apevia x-juniper case with a width of 8.5 inches. The case will only support a heatsink of 6 inches. I would like to overclock my cpy wich is an intel I5-2500k. I have an OCZ ModX Extrem 700w powersupply, with gskill ripgaws ddr 3 memory 4x2. ALso a radeon 6870 Graphics Card by Power Color. Thanks for any Help. Price range would be around $30-$60 usd on newegg.
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  1. This Apevia x-juniper case is listed as being 7.5" in width. Do you have a different case?

    Most folks recommend the CM Hyper 212 in that price range. I have the EVO version myself and have no problem with fit in my 8.5" wide case.
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