First attempt at homebuild. please rate

This is my first build. I wanna be able to do some good computer gaming. Never been a big computer guy but i wanna take it up some. Please rate my rig and let me know if there is any suggestions for the future

- i7 3770k @ 3.5 ghz non overclocked yet
- 16g ddr3 ram
- Asus p8z77 crossfire motherboard
- 1tb hard drive
- 128gb ssd
- liquid cooled with extra fans
- gtx 680 graphics card (possible sli with another gtx 680 in the future)
- 1050w power supply
- moniter is a 47in. 1080p 60Hz
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  1. Good start. Monitor is overkill.

    Any specific ideas (i.e. Intel 520 Series 120GB SSD)

    Follow this sticky: *How to Ask for New Build Advise*


    BTW: Read the TGH System Builder Marathon: $2000 Performance PC.
  2. The monitor was just an extra tv i have hooked up in my game room. Its got all my other systems linked into it. It wont cause any problems being as big as it is witht this gear will it?
  3. The basic plan looks like a good idea. If you've never done a true liquid cooling system I'd avoid it and go with an air cooling setup or a closed loop liquid setup.

    List the actual parts you plan on purchasing for a more indepth response too.

    Check out the $1800 Tom's System Builder Marathon PC that was released today for a good idea of what you should get.
  4. if you have ever used basic tools i dont think this project will be a problem for you and i also do not think water cooling will be a problem. its all common sense once you have all the parts.

    psu is overkill.
    get a mushkin enhanced chronos deluxe ssd, they are the fastest and have the best price.
  5. 3570K
    670 GTX
    8GB RAM
    750W modular PSU (corsair or seasonic)
    hyper212 evo cpu cooler (quiet and effective)
  6. if you want to do any overclocking past 4.2 i suggest not getting the hyper 212+
  7. I have the finances and a computer tech friend who can hook up the water cooling. What i really want to do is future proof mu computer for the next few years and be able to handle any game i throw at it
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