Adding RAM to improve PC and Graphics, how much?

So I have this laptop; Dell Inspiron 1564, and it currently has only 2GB of RAM in it as we needed to take 2GB out of it for another computer. So I know I want to get more RAM for the laptop to improve it's performance, and also have dual linked RAM, to again, improve performance.

So I'm deciding whether I should get 4GB or 8GB of RAM for the computer, and I want to be able to play some games on it. It has a Radeon HD4330 in it, and the main question of the day is; will getting 8GB of RAM over 4GB (which'll give the GPU more shared memory) be worth it, and will it improve graphics enough to be worth the extra $30, or is there absolutely no point, and would 4GB be the better option?


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    ram doesn't improve graphics at all.

    you may get slightly higher frameates in memory starved games, but not enough that you'll be able to increase settings. the ultra low end gpu in that laptop is a bottleneck. 4gb will be more than enough to get the most out of it, but the most won't be much.
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