Motherboard cooling?

hello i have just replaced my case with first gen coolermaster scout case. i am little lost on what to do for cooling the motherboard (if i need to?). i have a 2 intake fans on the front and 1 fan on the bottom side window. then i have one fan on the top side window as exhaust, then 2 other fans on the top for exhausts.

my only worry is that next to the cpu is a big heatpipe. will this heatpipe and heatsink need a fan blowing air on it?

my specs is : I7 930 3.8ghz, gigabyte ex58 ud3r

cpu cooling is no problem as i have a h50 mounted at the front of the case.

thanks for your time guys.
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  1. that cpu cooling fan push air out or in the case and should be in the back of the case pushing hot air out and have a fan pushing fresh air in
  2. Motherboards do not need any special cooling.
    Normal, even minimal airflow is sufficient.
    You are good.
  3. ok thanks guys the bottom widow fan pushes in and the top pull out
  4. so you have a good air flow in that system the temp must be reading very low
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