Question regarding amd vs intel (gaming)

My current system is as follows :-
GPU - 7970
CPU - 955 be @4.0
MOBO - MSI G-54 board
RAM - 4GB Enhanced mushkin

This thread is specifically to do with gaming, as I am well aware intel does great in areas outside of gaming such as encoding etc.
My question is this, I have the 955 BE, and I am interested in finding out how the i5 2500k performs in relation to my chip. Has anyone had much experience with both chips both at stock and overclock speeds to give me more of an insight into the performance boost in the games that you have experienced.

I find it difficult to get any information on the internet about the real world performance differences in-game, that is more than a limiting 1 to 2 game comparison.
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  1. Really depends on the games you play. I would expect some games to give a much bigger difference than others.

    heres a good reviews of different cpus in gaming.

    Overall, the difference shouldn't be huge but should be noticeable.
  2. Also I would recommend upgrading your ram to 8 gb since 4 seems to be a bit limiting for me personally.
  3. Thanks for the link, I had a read through, just reading through a second time to make sure I didn't miss anything.

    I find that 4GB is still enough to cover any game easily.

    Does anyone else have any interesting links I could read through?
  4. It's not worth it. Even though the i5 is nice upgrade, the money you'll sink into an i5 and new mobo isn't worth it. But 4GB is a bit limiting. Most games use 2GB, and then Windows and background services won't leave much RAM free. A 4GB stick is $18.
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