Screen goes pink then freezes

Sorry if this is the wrong section but I'm in some trouble.

When I enlarge a video from 480 to 1080p, my screen freezes and pink lines stream vertical across my screen, and I cannot close the video, alt, control, delete, (sometimes I can move the mouse around but it does nothing), the only way to solve the issue temporarily is to turn the computer off and on.

I have a 23 inch acer LCD TV and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 graphics card.

Please aid me.
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  1. I've the same problem and I have found a couple of other people with it as well, and the ONE thing every one have i common is that we all got a GeForce GTX 560 graphics Card. I think the problem is there. I first experienced it right after last driver update. so I think this is something Nvidia has to fix
  2. I had the exact same problem with my 560 card from Zotac.

    I did a lot of reading and some people say that upgrading the BIOS for your card helps.

    Zotac didnt have an updated bios for me so I returned the item. Just waiting for my radeon now....
  3. Did you mean update your drivers for your card or get updated bios for your motherboard?
  4. i have a 560 ti also but i only get the pink screen freeze when skipping through video (porn mostly hehe).
    i still get audio when this happens.
  5. I have the same problem as well, but I'm on a GTX 460 SC.
  6. I've had the same problem occasionally with my msi 560ti twin frozr...happens sometimes with games I alt+tab out of. The mouse cursor continues to move but I lose all pc function. Could all of you guys post your Power supply? maybe we can determine if it's a driver issue or power issue...
  7. 700W
  8. I also have a GTX 560 Super clocked. It's in a new build, that's only about 3 weeks old.
    The last 2 Sundays, just out of the blue it has done the pink screen and function loss. CTRL ALT DEL doesn't even do anything. Only thing to do is reset or reboot.
    Have 1000watt psu, the current drivers from 3 weeks ago, haven't looked to see if any new available since then. Mine has done this while just simply browsing the web.
    I have read many solutions from this website, it has helped me solve lots of problems for many computers. I decided to finally join it today. Hope we can figure out whats wrong, this card rocks on all my games with High and Extra high settings, and I don't really want to change it out yet.
  9. Doesn't seem to be a power issue then. My card is the MSI gtx560ti Twin Frozr. It has happened outside of games, mostly youtube videos and netflix when you fullscreen then normal view. I am also on a 23" screen, of the dell variety.
  10. I have Gigabyte GeForce 560 GTX [GV-N56GOC-1GI] — same problem here, sometimes screen goes into pink-striped mess, and I can move cursor, also there are some live background sounds, but everything else is frozen. This happens irregularly in games or during video playback.
  11. I'm having similar issues when trying to watch with my 560GTX.
  12. Mine goes pink and im forced to restart while watching youtube videos. Games are fine just youtube scares me lol.
  13. This is an issue in the latest version of the "stable" Nvidia drivers. Roll back to the previous one or give the latest Beta driver a go.
  14. I had this same issue when playing youtube video using stable version of driver. Use the beta version since it's a lot better.
  15. I read on the Nvidia forums where someone thought it was to do with clockspeed changing up and down. He advised adding a second monitor in analog mode (VGA connection). I tried this for a week now and have not had any troubles yet, still using the latest stable driver. I wanted to try this first since since it gave me reason for adding a second monitor, and since I had a spare anyway, I just threw it in here.
    If it happens again, I will however return to an older driver.
  16. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6700 video card; brand new in a brand new PC and I'm getting these pink screen lock-ups (with vertical dark pink lines over a lighter pink background), not whilst watching You Tube, but frequently in games, very irritating!

    It's been doing it a lot in "Rise of Prussia", a graphically undemanding 2D strategy game that I'm currently playing.
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