Will this power supply be able to power my desktop?

So my problem is that as I was playing guild wars 2 and all of a sudden my computer flicked off. Now it didn't turn back on and still wont. My question is when looking at my specs of my pc that was prebuilt and add 2 fans a gtx 560 ti and a better heatsink fan(what i upgraded to). I dusted the pc very well and my friend who's career is fixing computers installed all the parts. It was working great but then after a few days of use it is dead i've had this rig for a little over a year now and it is still under warrantie. So I got the ball rolling with new egg and first the secondary warranty place (new egg extended warranties) told me that I replaced the GPU that I killed the psu but it was rated at 600w but probably since it is a 30$ power supply i have doubts that it produces that much. thx in advance
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  1. The psu model number is PSAZ-CP600 EXTREME GAMER ATX

    the rig pre made: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883229266
  2. Well, the label for the PSU says 2 12v rails at 30a apiece. It should have been more than enough, but I'm with you on doubts that it's very efficient. Possible the fan went out, and that took it out due to heat. I think they should honor your warranty. If they put a crap PSU in their machines, and then like most people, you want to upgrade it, and the PSU specs look ok to the average joe, (as in "This card needs xxx watt PSU") then this is gonna happen. I told my friend who was considering a cyberpower PC to have them put in a name brand PSU, I have heard they always use garbage PSUs.
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