Hauppauge WinTV 1800/1850 & DISH Network

I recently got a Hauppauge WinTV tuner card, not sure of the exact model, from a friends computer, it was an HP media center but he replaced it with a laptop, I didn't get the WinTV software because he didn't have the disk so I downloaded the Windows 7 x64 drivers from the support page and proceeded to connect my Dish HD's TV2 out to the card using Media Center.

Now I know the TV2 out is set for CH. 73 because It's been hooked to a TV through coax and I'm splitting the out between the TV and Tuner card, however I can't seem to be able to get CH 73 to pick anything up on the computer. I've tried both the Antenna IN and TV IN coax connections but neither are producing a picture on CH 73.

I should add that I manually added CH 73 because Media Center only went to 69 then skipped to 100. I've also tried "Scanning" for channels but still notta.

Can I even use this card for what I'm trying to do?
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  1. I got it, turned out to be a loose connection on the Coax on the splitters end. :| Should've thought about checking that sooner.
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