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Does cooler master hyper 212evo fits in coolermaster 310 elite cabinet

guys i have a coolermaster elite 310 cabinet with gigabit 880a usb 3.0 mobo and amd phenom 2 1055t hexacore processor and zotac gtx 460 ddr5 1gb graphics card so i want a heat sink so tell me will i be able to fit coolermaster hyper 212 evo heatsink
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  1. I does appear that the CM Elite 310 will support the Hyper 212 EVO. From the dimensions at their website, it is indeed wide enough to accommodate it.
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    Yes, it will fit:
    Maximum Compatibility VGA card length: 275mm / 10.8 inch
    CPU cooler height: 167mm / 6.6 inch
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