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I currently have two computers; a rather good one that is currently broken (And I can't really fix it until monday due to all the local technicians being closed) and a crappy one I am now. I think the motherboard is broken in the good one; all other parts seem okay. Is it possible to put the graphics card from the new computer into the old one? I don't think this one has any type of dedicated graphics at all, whilst the other one is just gathering dust.
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  1. It might be possible, but you either have to take a picture of your old computer's motherboard or tell the model. Also, I'll need to know the model of the graphics card and the power supply in the old computer.
  2. Yes you should be able to, but tell me the details like what's the graphics card you're putting, what's the PSU, motherboard, CPU, case size of your crappy computer, etc.
  3. If the slots are the same (i.e. both are PCIE) and the power supply in the old PC can handle the load, then yes, you should be able to; otherwise no.
  4. I looked at the innards of the old PC and it seems impossible; and even if it is the mother board is hiding behind an absolute clusterfuck of different parts, so it would take years to put it in. So the thread can be deleted/closed.
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