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So guys, I live outside the USA and I have the possibility to get cases that would cost me hundreds of dollars to bring here from Internet, for a nice price. Now I need help to know which one to get.

Cooler Master HAF 912

Cooler Master Scout Storm

The Scout Storm is more expensive. But not too much. My question is is the HAF 912 a good case, will it be compatible with: i5 3570k, Hyper Evo 212, Radeon 7870, and a Gigabyte Z77 mobo? Is the Scout Storm worth the 20$ difference? Thank you.
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    In both cases you can fit a video card up to 10.4 inches, but the Storm Scout it does not have a removable HDD cage, the HAF 912 does. So in the HAF you have 15.4 inch to install a graphics card.

    In terms of cooling the HAF 912 wins, you can put 2x 120 mm at the front (or a single 200 mm ) top 2x 120 mm (Or a single 200mm), a 120 mm exhaust and a 120/140 in the side, so your 7870 will be very well ventilated.

    The scout is also great, a side window, a sturdy handle and all black interior may worth the 20 bucks, but is your choice.
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