Gtx 260 power supply

Hello, im rajitha and im new for ur forum
i need to know how to supplt external powe for gtx 260
i have foxconn g 32 and 400 watt mercury normal power suppl is it enough?
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  1. You mean Foxconn G31 right? there is no G32.

    According to Nvidia, a PSU that has max output of 500W and has 2 6-pin (or 8&6+2), PCI-E connector or over will run GTX 260

    I don't think you can run it, otherwise you need to upgrade your PSU, this is a great one:

    Or change the card to cards that require lower power requirements
  2. thanks
    yes i have g31
    why i cant run using my power supply?
    if i connect using my power supply what will happend?
  3. Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) is 182w for this card
    so if i use my 400watt psu i think it may enough
    am i right?
    wt can i do without buying new psu to this card?(im not rich :( so i need a cheap solution )
    and another question i has saw 3 display gaming can i do that using this card with a splitter
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