Alienware aurora r4 overpriced?

Hey guys, im really worried my auora is overpriced and that no one will buy it. I'm selling it on ebay here

Im not sure if that link will work because im on my ipod, if it doesnt please let me know and I will try to get the right link, thanks.

So, for those componants minus the logo and everything "alienware priced" how much can I really sell this for? I've dropped price multiple times and relisted many times from not selling. This is the lowest price that I have done and Im getting impatiant now, so what price do you guys think I should put it as?

Thank you so much in return :)
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  1. Hey guys, I got the right link from the classic site just incase the above link didnt work, here it is
  2. In my own opinion , much wiser to make a custom rig you can save more money and you can make much powerful desktop than Aurora.
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