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My pc setup is in my sig and was wondering how that in mw3 single player with max settings i get about 85-93% max gpu usage and about 75% cpu usage, and about 99% gpu and 90% in bf3. I know bf3 is cpu intense as well as gpu intense, on the other hand mw3 is almost neither lol. My point is I tried skyrim with ultra preset with extra stuff bumped up and got almost 60% gpu and 50% cpu usage. Skyrim is suppose to be cpu intense and its even lower than the gpu use at the max setting. I dont notice any stuttering or anything i just find it weird.
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  1. Well, if there isn't a problem, why worry? :sol:
  2. It may be that Skyrim does not fully use your CPU because it's not well coded and doesn't use 6 threads... That's just speculation I'm not going to google it. You can.
  3. im just curious as why a game like mw3 which requires a dual to low end quad core and not much for gpu uses my cpu more than skyrim which is more graphics and cpu based.

    I'm not sure if skyrim isnt coded to use 6 cores but i know that it is cpu demanding in which u think would use more of the cpu than the gpu compared to mw3 at least

    In Wow i got 99% on gpu and 40% of cpu which i didnt expect to be high lol
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  5. gpu got to 99% usage but total core useage was still 40% but two cores were up to 96%
  6. There ya go.
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