Am I aloud to do this? Computer won't start

Today I just built my first computer. I am coming from a 2005 amd dual core slow processor. So I have a 3570k with asrock z77 pro4-m. Anyways, my problem is that I get instant blue screen and it restarts. I never get past that. Could it be my hard drive? I kept all my stuff from my last computer and thought I could just start it and it'd work. I have windows xp on the 160 gb hard drive.
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  1. And I also cannot put the Mothetboard driver cd in because I only have an IDE cable and I didn't buy a new one either. That shouldn't be the problem though right?
  2. No, you're not allowed to do that.

    Sorry, but your old hard drive is looking for your old hardware. The OS on the old hard drive has no idea how to even communicate with the new hardware. Hence the blue-screens.

    You are going to need to either do a repair on the OS by booting from the OS drive or do a fresh OS install (recommended). Since your new motherboard does not have and IDE port, you will either need to get an IDE to SATA adapter or just purchase a new (SATA) Optical Drive.

    -Wolf sends
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