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I am building a new gaming and general use PC and I need advice on a power supply to buy. I would also like a power supply that will provide headroom for overclocking.

My Build:

CPU: Intel i5 3570k
CPU Cooler: Antec H2O 620 water cooler
MOBO: ASrock z77 Extreme4
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4) Low Profile DDR3-1600 Memory
GPU: Asus or Sapphire (still deciding) Radeon HD7870
SSD: Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD (Will buy a HDD later when I make some extra money)
Optical Drive: LG GH24NS90
Case: Corsair Carbide 500r (With some added fans)

Any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. for 1 7870 i would go with 650W, if you plan to xfire later, i would go with a 750W supply
  2. I don't plan to xfire simply because I dont think I will ever need it, will this be good?

    Also, any experience with corsair tx and gs power supplies?
  3. it's decent, i would still recommend going for Seasonic, corsair, XFX, and other large brands
  4. Thank you I'll keep that in mind, and 650W can be enough for overclocks as well?
  5. Don't get the 620.

    Get a hyper 212 EVO instead.

    Even a 550W would run the 7870.
  6. Any particular reason I should choose the hyper 212 evo over the 620? Here in New Zealand the difference between the 2 is $30 which I am willing to pay for better temps.
  7. They get exactly the same performance, it isn't worth the extra $30 for the 620.
  8. Ok then thanks for the advice, I'll have to look up some more benchmarks
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