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Upgrading 5850...

Hey all,

Simple, probably stupidly easy question here. I've been seeing an XFX 6870 on sale on Newegg for $130 recently. I've got a (I think) Sapphire 5850 in my current rig... it probably wouldn't be worth the money to upgrade between the two? I should preface this with the fact that I seem to be unable to OC my 5850 in even the most slight way.

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    No that is not worth the upgrade, you should be looking at a HD6950 or 560Ti for a decent performance bump, assuming your system is up to it. Power supply is able to run new card and CPU powerful enough.

    Mactronix :) :)
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  3. If you overclock your 5850 it will be faster than a 6870, so that would be dumb.

    I would look at a minimum HD7850 or GTX560ti 448 core.
  4. Well, that's the problem. I can't OC the 5850, it's locked in at whatever voltage it's set to right now. Believe me, I've tried. At least, not OC it to any decent level.
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