XFX 6870 Suddenly Not Spinning

Hi Guys I really need your help,

My 1 year old XFX 6870 was experiencing an issue. every hour my screen goes black no signal from monitor and a very loud fan noise starts so I was forced to restart the pc manually.

Sometimes after I log on to windows my monitor goes black also and the pc hangs.

Then today it's totally dead tried to open my pc and no signal coming from the monitor and the video card fan was not spinning.

Need possible solutions for this issue

Possible Solutions Made:
Removed and installed latest drivers and uninstalled msi afterburner = No Luck
Re-seated the graphics card = No Luck
Removed the 6870 and use the on-board graphics card to temporarily use my PC

Intel Core i5 2500K
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H
4gb RpijawsX 1600
Newly RMA OCZ Modxstream Pro 700w (1 Year Old)
500gb Seagate Barracuda

Need to know some possible solutions

Many thanks and God Bless!
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    Could be a couple things.

    The fan on the video card is dead. Or possibly the PSU 6 pin GPU connectors are not supplying the needed power?

    Do you by chance have another PSU you can try so you can rule out that factor?
  2. The fan probably died, usually You can install a new fan yourself or you can call XFX and ask them if it can be replaced(the fan).
  3. "Removed the 6870 and use the on-board graphics card to temporarily use my PC "

    your own comment answered your own question!

    As areamike suggested,if the psu is ok,its the gpu.Contact XFX.
  4. XFX Support is great. I suggest calling them if you discover the GPU fan is bad. I'm sure they will send you a new FAN or even replace the card as long as the warranty is not up. However, you said it is one year old. You might be close. Better contact them ASAP.
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