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Should i wait for the HD 7750?

I am planning on getting the Gigabyte HD 7750 @ 6.5k INR but its currently out of stock. Most dealers in Mumbai (where i stay) said i'll have to wait atleast a week or more to get it.

The next card that fits my budget (6.5k) is the HD 6750 DDR5 from Sapphire/Powercolor which is readily available and its also 400 bucks cheaper. So is it worth waiting for the 7750?

My Specs:
Phenom II X4 960T
Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2
Corsair 4GB DDR3 @ 1333mhz
Dell IN1930 (18.5") @ 1366 x 768
PSU: 550W Generic (25A on 12V)
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  1. yes it is worth the wait as the 7750 is one of the cheapest and best cards available.... my advice is save some money and go for the 7770 which should be a perfect choice for ur pc
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    Click the following link for benchmarks to determine if the HD 6750 is worth getting instead of the Radeon HD 7750. Note that the HD 6750 is really a HD 5750 with a new name. The only thing different is the HDMI 1.4a port.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I checked the link and it shows the HD 5750 beating the 7750 but , i've checked a few other benches like anandtech which show the opposite, so which is correct??

    Also my main concern is will the 7750's newer tech hold up better in games over the next few years as compared to the 6750 or the difference would be hardly noticeable at my resolution (1366 x 768)

    Edit: sorry didn't check the benches for all games. The 7750 does much better in newer titles, so i guess its worth it. Thanks :) Also, if any members from mumbai could find the gigabyte 7750 at any store in lamington pls let me know.
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