I5 2300 idle/load temps with Corsair H80

Hello all,

I'm just wondering if my temps are normal with my H80 that was just installed. I'm running an intel i5 2300 currently at 3.0Ghz and getting idle temps at 30c and load temps at 49c with a room temp of 75 fahrenheit. The H80 is set to increase under load and has normal stock fans. Should I run the H80 at max always? I'm sure the temps will decrease once winter comes around but wondering if these temps are normal. Also, I didn't install the H80 and am wondering if I can increase the speed via the block button without any problems.

Thanks guys
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  1. Hey,

    I ran prime95 overnight(about 12 hours) with no errors and received a max temp of 55c and a new idle of 28c.
  2. Those temps are pretty normal and well below any dangerous ranges. You have to take into account that the ambient temperature of your room is probably 25c or more so not going to get below that much.

    I air cool my i5 2500k and i see similar temps, maybe a few degrees higher idle, but in my opinion I wouldn't change much it sounds normal to me.
  3. Okay thank you! I just thought it might be a lot lower going from a stock cooler to the H80 but it is an improvement just not as much as expected.
  4. These temps are excellent considering summertime -- as yourself have already inferred temps will drop in winter.
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