AMD Trinity APUs Have Arrived

Calling all the pro out there, kindly share your opinions/reaction about the details of the newest AMD trinity cpu. :)
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  1. I have a Lian Li Q08 I want to put an A10 in it for a light gaming rig and HTPC but I havn't seen any ITX boards being released yet. So hopefully there will be some very soon!
  2. My reaction is highly positive, I'm probably going to buy one for multimedia consumption.
  3. The strides Trinity made over Llano are encouraging going forward before AMD finally fuse high end x86-64 CPU's with high end Radeon cores, it is also encouraging for subsequent A-series chips for Steamroller and Excavator architectures (ie: modular architecture v3 and 4). Talk about moderate settings on 1920x1080 res by the time Kaviri based APU's release.
  4. seeing as on the graphics that are in the APU got 32 fps on torchlight 2 while on 3 screens
    i think that that's pretty impressive!
  5. I see (and i'm sure it's been known for a while) that the duel graphics runs on the 6000 series cards again. I'm somewhat sad that I couldn't run an APU with something like a 7750 or at least a 7670 but I understand there would be limitations. But anyways I think the 7670 is a rebranded 6670 feel free to correct me if i'm wrong though.
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