Second monitor (possibly 3d)

I have been thinking about getting another monitor. I would only really use it for gaming so i could browse the Internet etc whilst playing a game, or when im using 3d studio max. Just mainly to increase efficiency and ease of use without having to minimise all the time.

I have seen these 2 monitors and well i have no idea about monitors.

Im pretty sure the first is better as it has a much higher contrast ratio but just want it clarifying.

The monitor i have now has a max resolution 1920x1080 and is 21.5" display.

There is also this 3d monitor i have seen for not much extra. Is 3d any good for pc? and would this be fine to work fine with it? i have an AMD graphics card so im going guess i will need something like nvidias 3d vision for AMD which i havent yet looked into.
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  1. I would not do 3D with that monitor. It will not work in 3D with Nvidia, and with AMD it will limit you to 720p at 60hz per eye (if it can do that at all, as it does not say it's a 120hz monitor). Because it doesn't say it's 120hz, it probably will only work well with movies at 24hz.
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